• Any Software, Any Time, Anywhere

    The Rapptor Platform is a globally unique cloud engine allowing you to have completely custom software, faster than any other cloud software platform, on huge range of devices and platforms. All you need to access The Rapptor Platform is an up to date device with internet access, and your software is accessible anywhere, any time


  • Business Flexibility

    The Rapptor Platform is utilised by a wide range of industry sectors including infrastructure, finance, logistics, accounting, legal and many more. Some customers use the platform for software as simple as a crm or sales toolkit, others use it to provide the back bone for their company as a complete line of business tool.

  • Business Intelligence

    The Rapptor Platform allows you to have a software system built entirely around your workflows, and completely tailored for your business, up to twenty times quicker than other solutions. As a result, it is more cost effective for a custom solution than any other solution on the market.

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What Is The Rapptor Platform


Every company needs some kind of software, whether it be to track customers, packages and logistics, staff and HR, sales, inventory or more. The time and costs to custom build software can be extreme, and for most companies it's not an option.


The Rapptor Platform is a cutting edge, globally unique, Australian built and owned platform allowing you to create any kind of cloud business software, capable of managing an entire business, simple or complex, in a phenomenally small timeframe. Build custom, get up running instantly with one of our many products built on the Rapptor Platform or even customise one for your needs.


Please note, in late 2018 Rapptor Pty Ltd became part of an integrated suite that our customers now use to develop their own software products, we are no longer taking on new clients for the Rapptor Platform.


5 minutes not 5 months

The Rapptor Platform changes the way you work. You can have your own web-based software system to manage an entire business, with an easy to use interface, fast.

Tailored to your Process

With the Rapptor PLatform, business can build their own workflow oriented custom systems for their company, or their clients. Use our starter kits or start with a blank canvas. The sky is the limit.

Any type of software

The Rapptor Platform can be configured to be a CRM, an Asset Management System, Inventory Management, Accounts, HR, Resource Tracking, Project Management, whatever you can imagine. You can add new fields, workflows, mobiles and more to your business systems with the click of a button.

Big or Small

The Rapptor Platform can be used by any size business, small up to enterprise. We are used by clients in big banking, performing arts, insurance, government and emergency services to name a few. The flexibility of The Rapptor Platform makes software development, and the costs and time associated with it, a thing
of the past.

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The Concept of The Rapptor Platform

Until now, for a business to construct their own cloud software, a significant amount of technical knowledge was needed requiring engagement with an I.T. company or software house, which has always been a time-consuming and painful process.

The Rapptor Platform changes the rules allowing both consultants, or even your staff, to build cloud software entirely around your business workflows without the need for high-level technical expertise in a way that is fast, agile and effective.

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Fast and Agile

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Economical
  • Modify and expand any time
  • Reports and business intelligence
  • Configure precisely to your business

Integrated and Connected

  • Works on any web-capable device
  • Integrates with a huge variety of apps
  • Options for any size customer
  • Australian owned

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